Moving house

If you’re thinking about moving house, you may wish to save money on hiring a removal company to collect and install your possessions and do it yourself instead - with perhaps a little help from your friends. Then again, you might decide to transport some of your belongings yourself while leaving the rest to the muscular professionals!

Either way, Cole Hire can provide you with a van for moving furniture and any other removal van hire self-drive option to suit your requirements. You can also rent a van for moving house with tail lift if needed to assist you with the heavier loads. It will be superbly maintained, fully equipped and a pleasure to drive, helping to take the stress and hassle out of your big move!

Cole Hire is very experienced in supplying removal vans for hire and we have put together a list of useful tips to help you through the challenging project of moving house!

Twelve tips to remember when moving house

When you’ve decided to move home and you’ve found a nice place to move into, you’re faced with a choice.

“Do I move myself, or do I engage the services of a reputable removal company? Second option could be a bit pricey so I’ll move myself. But I’ll need to hire a van as I have too much stuff to get into my little hatch-back!”

Whichever van rental company you choose to hire from... BOOK A VAN FOR MOVING EARLY... you probably won’t be surprised to find that most people seem to move house on a Friday and the last Friday in the month is particularly popular! Last minute van hire can be a risk that is not worth taking when moving house.

And here are some further useful tips on easy van hire and undertaking a relatively stress-free move:

  • Get one or two quotes from a reputable van hire company and check they are members of the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association). Make sure the quote for private van hire includes everything you need: unlimited mileage, additional driver etc.
  • Get a date for the move as early as you can and keep in regular contact with the agent/ solicitor to confirm this for you.
  • Book a van for moving as soon as you can and get confirmation from the rental company by email.
  • Remember not to pack your driver’s licence and a couple of utility bills. Every rental company will ask you for these. You are going to need a credit or debit card to pay a deposit/rental for your private van hire.
  • Get yourself some cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap and a roll or two of packaging tape.
  • Enlist the help of at least two reliable friends or family members when moving house. Get them to confirm they’ll be on hand and don’t let them back out at the last minute!
  • Pack up the small items in each room (don’t put all your books in one box). Write the room and the contents of the box on some A4 Paper and stick it to the side of the box.
  • Keep some useful small tools such as a screwdriver and Allen key handy as you may need these to take your bed or furniture apart.
  • Make sure you load the van with the heavier items on to the floor of the van and the lighter bulkier items on top.  Take a bit of time to load it up as you will get so much more in the van. Make sure you take the wheels off anything that might roll about!
  • Make sure that the last box to go on to the van is clearly labelled “Kettle, tea, coffee sugar and biscuits!” Moving house is an exhausting experience you’ll need some refreshments on arrival!
  • Sometimes moving house takes much longer than you think. So ensure that you plan when you’ll need to leave your assistants to move the last few boxes in, whilst you take the hire van back. Arriving an hour or two late may well cost you another day’s rental.
  • Make sure you fill the van back up with fuel, as rental companies will charge above garage forecourt prices if they have to do it themselves.

Good luck, and remember that Cole Hire can offer helpful and friendly advice on all aspects of private van hire and can provide the ideal solution when you need to rent a van for moving house!

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