At least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day are recommended for a healthy diet and many people are finding that changing to healthier eating habits can be pleasurable as well. Whether your business is supplying high quality fresh produce or delicious salads for catering, the logistics of supplying end users is a major priority.  Consumers expect their 5-a-day fruit and vegetables to be in perfect condition, fresh and wholesome.

Chilled vehicle hire from Cole Hire, vehicle rental specialists for London and the surrounding areas, provides the ideal logistics solution. Our fleet of Mercedes refrigerated vehicles includes panel and box vans, with both single and dual compartment options to handle a range of chilled or frozen products, each and every one properly serviced and maintained to manufacturer specifications. With chilled vehicle hire from Cole Hire, you can have complete confidence in the performance of our refrigerated vehicles, whether on the road making deliveries or parked up and plugged in to act as convenient cold storage units for an hour or two, overnight or longer periods.

Refrigerated vehicles can therefore provide a highly flexible transport resource for meeting the 5-a-day demand, but is that flexibility matched by rental arrangements that can be adjusted to meet the individual business needs of the hirer? The answer is yes. Chilled vehicle hire from Cole Hire is fully flexible and highly competitive, delivered by an experienced team of rental specialists that will be fully committed to the success of your project. Our high rate of return business shows that our excellent service generates a really positive response in terms of customer loyalty.

  1. Chilled vehicle hire from Cole Hire is flexible and hassle free
  2. We are London’s vehicle rental specialists, strategically located in Middlesex
  3. We offer top quality refrigerated vehicles
  4. Our rental costs are highly competitive
  5. Our expert rental team offers customer service that is second to none

Five healthy reasons for your business to contact Cole Hire!