Dieticians tell us that frozen vegetables and fruit can in many cases be as nutritious as fresh products, counting towards the recommended five-a-day minimum for a healthy diet. This is good news for consumers, who can make sure that their freezers are stocked with healthy options with well extended use-by dates.

For transporting frozen foods from point of production to the wholesaler, retailer or consumer, top quality refrigerated vehicles are essential. These will ensure that products maintain the required temperature at all times. Freezer van rental from Cole Hire offers an exceptionally flexible and cost effective route to acquiring new refrigerated panel and box vans equipped with the latest in temperature control technology, all rigorously serviced and maintained to the highest standards.

Cole Hire’s Mercedes refrigerated vehicle fleet offers dual as well as single compartment options, thereby extending the potential product range that can be handled in a single delivery. Whether on the road or plugged in and parked up for an hour or two, overnight or for longer periods, our refrigerated vehicles will keep your deliveries in optimum condition for your customers. Freezer van rental from Cole Hire will support your business and build customer loyalty, creating confidence in the consistent quality of your products and services. That loyalty in turn can generate the repeat orders that are so important to maintain and grow your business.

Based in Middlesex, Cole Hire are London’s vehicle rental specialists, serving a wide range of businesses in the Capital and its surrounding area. Our high degree of customer retention has been created by offering top quality vehicles, flexible hire terms, value for money and by always aiming to go the extra mile in terms of technical service and customer support. Freezer van rental from Cole Hire is a great way to help your business deliver the goods.