One thing that’s certain for those taking to the road as winter increasingly sets in is that we’ll have some pretty difficult weather conditions to look forward to. In the run up to Christmas, the Met Office’s long-range forecast has predicted that “There are signs that northerly winds may be quite frequent across the UK” and that colder than average conditions are likely “with a risk of frost and fog, and an increased risk of some snow.”

When driving on business in winter weather, it is particularly important to have a vehicle that is really reliable. So, if you’re looking for a top quality, well serviced and maintained refrigerated box or panel van for cold storage rental, there’s no better place to come than Cole Hire. Our Mercedes refrigerated vehicles are a source of pride in our 145-vehicle fleet, equipped with sophisticated temperature controlled single or dual compartments that will keep all kinds of food and perishable products to the required chilled or frozen specifications, either in transit or when stationary.

That’s the real bonus of acquiring a Cole Hire vehicle for cold storage rental: it can act as a fixed storage unit that’s parked up and plugged in for as long as you require. It is the most convenient and flexible way of keeping temperature sensitive goods in optimum condition when on the move or off the road.

If you’re based in London or the surrounding area, you’ll find that Cole Hire cold storage rental services are conveniently located for you at our Middlesex premises. You’ll find our team will be well experienced in supporting all kinds of delivery businesses from large scale operations to one-person enterprises. You will also discover that we will provide highly cost effective cold storage rental options that are tailored to your individual business requirements and schedules. We’ll be there when you need us to offer you our all-weather support!