Of all the ways you can acquire a vehicle for projects, events, functions or additional delivery requirements, rental is by far the most flexible. Whether your fleet is one or one hundred vehicles, you may well from time to time need extra transport resources to cater for specific demands. If you require a specialised vehicle such as a refrigerated panel or box van, you must be assured that it is of the highest quality and reliability. Your business reputation may depend on it.

Freezer van rental from Cole Hire can provide the fleet administrator with hassle free options to acquire leading edge Mercedes refrigerated vehicles when they’re needed and for as long as they’re needed. Freezer van rental from Cole Hire provides high performance single or dual compartment vehicles that are reliable, fuel efficient and serviced to rigorous standards.

The refrigerated vehicles in Cole Hire’s 145-vehicle fleet provide sophisticated and accurate temperature controlled technology that can maintain your food or other perishable and temperature sensitive items in optimum condition, whether on the road for deliveries or operating as fully flexible cold storage units that can be parked up for an hour or two, overnight or for longer periods. Just plug in and leave, then unplug and move on.

Freezer van rental offers a very attractive and very cost effective logistical resource. There is no large capital investment required for the purchase of refrigeration equipment, just rent when you want and pay as you go. It really is that simple!

Cole Hire is based in Middlesex and specialises in servicing company fleets and private customers throughout London and the surrounding areas. Our experience in freezer van rental covers a broad range of sectors, offering both large and small operators and businesses top quality advice, resources and friendly personal service.