Most businesses experience times of peak demand that require extra resources to be available. For enterprises that supply perishable produce, temperature controlled conditions are required for delivery. This means using refrigerated vehicles, but when the peak activity is over it doesn't make sense to have these expensive assets lying idle. That’s where freezer van rental comes in.

Cole Hire has a range of high quality single and dual compartment refrigerated vehicles on flexible hire options that are ideal for businesses that need to boost their fleet and delivery capabilities to meet both planned and unpredicted surges in product demand. If your business has a vehicle rental requirement, you can be sure that we will act quickly and efficiently to meet it.

With freezer van rental from Cole Hire, you obtain a sophisticated temperature controlled vehicle which is capable of adjusting to the requirement of all types of product. Whether your business needs to deliver haggises for Burns Night or flowers for Valentine’s Day, a refrigerated vehicle is the ideal solution. Also, if you have to store your perishable products overnight or for longer periods, just plug in and leave the vehicle, knowing that your goods will be in optimum condition when you return.

Freezer van rental means no hassles from having an additional vehicle on the fleet – no road tax, insurance or depreciation to worry about. Whatever the size of your business, hiring one or more refrigerated vehicles for your delivery and/or cold storage requirements in peak periods can make very good logistical sense.

Cole Hire is based in Middlesex and deals with businesses throughout London and the surrounding areas. We are well used to customers coming to us to meet their peak and seasonal demands throughout the year and our repeat business shows that our expert advice and friendly personal service ticks all the right boxes for them.