Pharmaceutical and medical products need to be stored and transported under conditions that ensure the maintenance of their quality from manufacturer to end user.  The distribution chain may not be a simple matter of transporting pharmaceuticals from A to B but involve stopping at one or more locations en route, for short or extended periods. It is essential that the correct temperature as specified by the manufacturer or clinician is kept constant at all times.

Chilled vehicle hire is an ideal method to transport pharmaceutical and medical products in the correct temperature controlled conditions, but sophisticated refrigerated vehicles can also provide an excellent flexible chilled storage solution. Pharmaceutical and medical products can be degraded if temperatures rise above or fall beneath approved levels. For instance, even a brief period at sub-zero temperatures can irreversibly damage high risk products such as vaccines and insulins.

Cole Hire offers chilled vehicle hire that provides accurate temperature controlled conditions in top quality Mercedes refrigerated vehicles. Our 145-vehicle fleet includes dual as well as single compartment options, so chilled vehicle hire can be used for carrying and storing different products requiring varied temperature control parameters. Parking for a brief stopover, overnight or for longer periods is safe and secure. Just plug in for the required time, then unplug and move on as required. The condition of the items in transit, given that correct loading procedures have been followed, will be accurately maintained to approved standards.

With its Middlesex location, Cole Hire is ideally placed to offer chilled vehicle hire services to pharmaceutical and medical customers in London and throughout the surrounding area. Having worked in a wide variety of sectors, we are well aware that the demands of each shipment requiring transit or storage will be different. Additionally, we always aim to support the customer with flexible solutions, expert advice and a friendly, personal approach. Our objectives are to be totally reliable, very cost effective and a real pleasure to work with.