Cole Hire makes trips to Uni'sWe are now moving into the business end of the final year of A levels and for many, this means interviews at Universities, offers being made (hopefully), revision plans being drawn up, stressed out teenagers and, by default, stressed out parents.

A Levels are published on 17th August this year, which, if the results go your way, does not allow an awful lot of time to plan the big move into student accommodation. If it is your first child to ‘flee the nest’, then this is a whole new experience and one that needs planning to avoid that ‘’ panic. And you’d be surprised at how extensive the packing list is!

Think of student accommodation as being a mini version of home – you will need to pack for all the essentials – bedroom, bathroom and kitchen stuff – which means there won’t be much room for any luxuries, especially if moving into student halls of residence.

A good starting place for a packing list can be found here. We did warn you it would be huge!

Which leaves the question – how on earth are you going to get all that stuff into the back of the family car? Chances are, you’re not. Which is where we come in.

Cole Hire has a range of ‘bigger than a car’ vans for hire which are perfect for moving your excited son or daughter plus stuff to university or college this coming September. With seating upfront for three – student plus up to 2 parents/carers – it means there can be help with unloading at the other end but no room for the embarrassing younger sibling.

Payloads are very generous – up to 1350 kg – which provides lots of space for that enormous packing list. However, even with such plentiful capacity, the Ford Transits in the Cole Hire range still feel like you’re driving a large family car.

So, if you’re waving your child goodbye to university this September, do give us a call and we will do all we can to help them on their way.