Move house for the first time with our ‘bigger than a car’ and transit self drive vans Moving home for the first time can be daunting. In fact, it can be daunting even if you’re a seasoned pro. Moving house is frequently listed as one of most stressful events. More often than not, things don’t run smoothly, people pull out of the chain at the last minute, important letters get held up, emails get lost in spam folders… You get the picture.

And then there’s the packing. Even if it is your first move, out of your parents’ home or university for example, it is always surprising how much stuff you have accumulated. Books are a particular nightmare. They may look innocuous, sitting there quietly on the bookshelf, but once loaded into several cardboard boxes, they become this weighty, bulky, difficult-to-move-let-alone-pick-up monster in the corner of the room.

Well. There’s no need to panic. Cole Hire a range of very competitively priced vans for hire which we call ‘moving house’ vans. (See our website, look along the menu at the top and you will see what we mean). They are described in this way because we want you to know that although they are bigger than a car (a lot bigger actually), they are as easy to drive as, say, a Ford Ka. In fact, some might argue that their raised seating position and hence excellent road visibility means that they are easier to drive than most cars. Some even come with a built-in tail-lift so you won’t need to worry about how to get that monster-of-a-box of books into the back of the van!

So, if you’re in sitting in Greenford at your parents’ home surrounded by boxes and you’re due to move out to your first place you can call your own, pick up the phone and we will be pleased to talk you through our range of ‘bigger than a car’ self-drive van hire options.