London is definitely a good place to be if you're young and starting a business of your own. There is a huge potential market out there for all types of products and services, from food and catering to fashion and beauty products.  It also makes a lot of sense to rent a vehicle which is fit for purpose and gives the right image of professionalism for your business - new, smart, shiny, well maintained and serviced to manufacturer specification.  

Not only that, but the vehicle needs to be fitted out with the right equipment for the job, especially in the food business where hygiene and health & safety need to be seriously considered. Every clued-up young businessperson is well aware of all these facts, but with some vehicle rental companies they come up against the age barrier. If you're under 25 years old, they won't rent you the type of specialist vehicle that you need. Young drivers van hire is just not on offer!

Van hire under 25 London is easy through Cole Hire

Not so with London's vehicle rental specialists Cole Hire! We welcome responsible young drivers and will be happy to discuss your requirements for under 25 van rental for the short, medium or long term under similar competitive and flexible arrangements as we would offer if you were 25 plus.

The attractions of vehicle rental for a new business include a range of financial benefits as well as the advantage of having the right vehicle for the job for just as long as you need it. You will be fully taxed and insured and with no worries about depreciation and maintenance that come with vehicle ownership or issues such as contract early termination clauses that can arise with vehicle leasing agreements. Vehicle rental can be the most flexible and competitive option available for business.

Within our 145-vehicle fleet based at Cole Hire's West London location, we offer a range of truly superb specialist vehicles for young drivers van hire from Ford Transit 350 Luton Garment vans equipped with 15 garment hanging rails to our selection of Mercedes refrigerated panel and box vans for chilled vehicle hire, both single and dual compartment, with and without tail lifts. Also, if you're in the business of delivering food, catering or perishable products, there's a hint worth knowing about high quality refrigerated vehicles - they can be just as useful stationary as when they're on the move! Parked up and plugged in for an hour or two, overnight or longer and they will keep your products in perfect condition.

Whether you're under or over 25, Cole Hire's friendly and experienced rental team will provide you with the best vehicles, the best rental option for your needs and the best advice and support you could find anywhere. Contact us now and let's do business together!