Ice sculpting is one of the most exiting examples of art, becoming more and more popular for promoting new products and adding that “WOW” factor for promoting new products and prestige events. ICEBOX also based in London, is one of Cole Hire’s clients specialising in this field.

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But that’s not all that freezing can do. All over London, there are other masterpieces being created every day with the help of ice, not as an art medium but as a preservative.

Without refrigeration, the caterer’s art would be made a lot harder to carry out. Chilling and freezing are vital techniques for ensuring that food is kept at its best; delicious in flavour and maintained in safe, hygienic conditions.

Freezer storage rental can take these techniques an important stage further. High quality sophisticated refrigerated vehicles are both an ideal to transport food and other perishable products - possibly even ice sculptures! However, they can also be just as useful when stationary. Parked up and plugged in for an hour or two, overnight or for longer periods and the vehicle’s freezer storage technology will keep your load in peak condition.

As London’s vehicle rental specialists, Cole Hire offer an exciting range of Mercedes panel and box vans, with and without tail lifts. There are also dual as well as single compartment vehicles, so it would be quite possible to keep a frozen ice sculpture and some lightly chilled salads in the same consignment! Freezer storage rental from Cole Hire offers complete flexibility, not only in the versatility of our vehicles but in the adaptability of our competitive financial arrangements that can be tailored to the specific demands of your business.

At our base in the West London area, Cole Hire fields a friendly, experienced and professional team that you will find is totally committed to making your transport operations work really successfully. Whether you require freezer storage rental for a single catering event or for a long term project, we will give you all the help and advice you require. The art of Cole Hire is in the high quality services we provide.