Self-drive van hire services for business and private use, Heathrow

Self-drive van hire, business & private, Heathrow, London


What started as a private airstrip for an aircraft enthusiast and aero engineer is now one of the world’s biggest and busiest airports and the impact on the surrounding area is enormous. Indeed, this is set to increase with the approval of the building of the third runway. If it goes ahead (and it is never a guarantee), 700 homes and a school will be demolished and thousands of homes in London will be additionally affected by overhead plane noise.

The whole area of Heathrow is like a town in its own right. Astonishingly, 100,000 jobs depend on the continuing economic success of the airport and up to 250,000 benefit indirectly. No wonder the third runway became such a contentious issue. Many businesses are located in the Heathrow area because of the work and business opportunities generated by the airport.

Whether you are a resident or business owner in Heathrow, the chances are, at some point, you are going to need to hire a van – for a small office move, transporting and storing food for a London exhibition, showcasing your products at a promotional event, helping to move your children to college or university, helping to move your own things to your new home, picking up a large item ordered off eBay. Whatever the reason, we will have the right vehicle for you – short, medium or long base, low or medium roof, with or without tail-lift, with or without garment rails, specialist chiller and freezer vans. If you’re not quite sure what type of vehicle you need, we are very happy to run through all the various options and sizes available to ensure you are matched with the best vehicle for you and your job.

Our current fleet includes:

  • A comprehensive range of Ford Transit vehicles to suit every need.
  • Specialist hanging garment vehicles with multi height track and garment rails.
  • Refrigerated Mercedes box vehicles with or without tail lifts, Mercedes refrigerated panel vans with both chilled & frozen applications.
  • Home move Ford Transit Luton vans with tail lifts, load lock and shoring poles.

About our company

We offer our vehicles for self-drive hire to both the private and business sectors. We are able to supply specialist chilled vans specifically tailored to the needs of restaurants, catering, events and deliveries companies across London and the Home Counties.

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